From my role as festival producer I have developed to a full focus on sustainability. I started producing events in the cultural sector around 2005 and from 2017 I started to focus more and more on sustainability.

Now, I use this knowledge and experience to help make the sector more sustainable with a pragmatic approach. By means of substantive guidance, knowledge sharing and implementation.

I am proud to say that I currently work together with ESNS and Innofest, among others.

I have recorded my experiences in making events more sustainable in a Roadmap Canvas. In this step-by-step plan you work towards a multi-year plan for the sustainable transition of your organization. From this basis you can develop further and monitor your progress.

Introduction to the Roadmap Canvas on sustainability

If you have any questions or would like to get in contact, please send me an e-mail or scan the QR code for my contact information on your phone.

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Photo by Tom van Huisstede